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There isnít a clue to who pushed town librarian Biscuit McKee off the town dock into the raging Metoochie River or whether he will strike again.

There isnít a clue to the whereabouts of artist Charles Zapota, and his mother is getting frantic.

There isnít a clue to why Melissa Tarkingtonís fiancť went to Atlanta for a mysterious meeting or why a lost dog suddenly latches onto Biscuitís sister, Glaze.

VIOLET AS AN AMETHYST continues the saga of small town Martinsville, as Biscuitís life is threatened by the deadly intent of one particular man.

Readers Comments:

  • Steven Macon, writing for The KitchenSink Journal says: "Marmalade and Biscuit. Kind of like Toast and Jam. Stewart's Martinsville has a richness to it. . . . This is a series worth looking forward to. . . . a five star book worthy of a place on the bookshelf of any well read mystery enthusiast. But you don't have to be a connoisseur of mysteries to enjoy this book."
  • "Martinsville, Georgia is definitely on my map. It's a town I'd like to visit, with people in it that I'd like to meet."

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