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How did ĎDoggieí get its name?

Itís a question I get asked often and most people assume itís related to a story about my dog. In truth, I donít actually have a dog. I have a cat. Not that I donít love dogs, Iím just at a time in my life when I donít want the responsibility of a dog. My cat is independent, loves to be outside, is an excellent hunter, and could probably manage with or without my husband and I quite well. Kitty (original name isnít it?) has an Ďarrangementí with our neighbor who provides her with the basic necessities whenever we travel. She does seem to enjoy our company and has us well trained to take care of her needs.

So why the Doggie name? Itís a wonderful story of healing that Iím happy to share. My company was named over ten years ago, long before I believed it was possible. I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Recovering from the emotional rollercoaster of a hysterectomy, I had just lost my grandmother to her battle with lung cancer, and my right shoulder was frozen in place. After enduring several weeks of very painful physical therapy, I was informed by my doctor that the only alternative for my shoulder was surgery.

Devastated by the prospect of surgery followed by more physical therapy, I finally listened to the advice of a co-worker to try massage therapy. I cried all the way home from that last physical therapy session, and quickly dialed the number of the massage therapist my friend had suggested. I did not realize he had given me her home number, and I was expecting a professional and informative voicemail message.

Boy, was I shocked when the answering machine picked up and this lovely womanís voice began to sing ďHow much is that Doggie in the Window?Ē. I managed to stammer out my name and phone number before hanging up. I looked at my husband and said, ďI must be losing my mind to think this wacko is my last hope.Ē If I was barely holding onto the knot at the end of my rope before the phone call, I was now sinking into the abyss.

Nancy Lane returned my call almost immediately and convinced me to make an appointment. My sessions with Nancy helped me heal my shoulder and facilitated a spiritual growth and self-discovery that still amazes me today. Encouraged by this guardian angel, I began to write and share my words and feelings with others. Even before the dream of publishing became attainable in my mind, I always knew my trademark would honor that moment in time when we first connected.

Thank you, Nancy, for being who you are and for helping me believe in myself and the impossible!

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