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How do you save the ties that bind your family together?

In Fran Stewart’s most emotionally charged novel so far, small-town librarian Biscuit McKee confronts Glaze, her bipolar sister on the verge of deep depression.

How do you counteract rage?

Glaze has an ex-boyfriend sitting in jail and plotting ways to get even with Glaze through kidnap and extortion. Biscuit’s good friend Margaret becomes a pawn in this attempt for revenge.

How do you reach the deep resources needed to contend with unforeseen tragedy?

Complications result in mistaken identities, dire misunderstandings, and a kidnapping gone horribly awry.

You humans make this so complicated.

Marmalade, Biscuit’s orange and white tabby cat is once again misunder-stood by her humans. They think she’s only purring.

Readers Comments:

  • “Fran Stewart is back with another of Biscuit McKee’s exciting adventures. From the very first page, you’ll feel transported back in time to the type of small town atmosphere that only exists in childhood memories. Stewart fills the pages with the quirky but lovable townsfolk, and makes you wish you lived in Martinsville alongside her characters. From the wealthy town matron to the goat giving birth, she makes you feel as if you’re part of their stories. And when Biscuit’s sister disappears and her friend is kidnapped, it’s non-stop action filled with twists and turns that all merge together under Stewart’s expert hand in a thrilling climax.”
    Internationally acclaimed author p.m.terrell
  • “Fran Stewart adds another charming novel to her colorful Biscuit McKee Mystery Series. Indigo as an Iris is her fifth offering, one which will delight the reader with subplots and twists and a setting that begs to be visited. As a bonus, the reader learns about living (and, yes, even dying) better and how to dwell in friendly relationship to our Earth. This is quality writing and an entertaining read.”
    Wren Wells, author of Memories of Mama and Making A Killing (1st in the Madison Mystery Series)

Indigo As An Iris is the 5th book in the Biscuit McKee mystery series.

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