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From the Tip of My Pen, by award winning author Fran Stewart.

A clear-sighted, warm, and often humorous approach to increasing your writing skills.

"I know you'll enjoy the tips, insights, and encouragement that Fran Stewart shares every month in the Atlanta Writers Club newsletter. Collected here, they represent a Master Class in the craft of writing. Her enthusiastic advice will definitely inspire you to put pen to paper."
George Weinstein, President
The Atlanta Writer's Club

Fran Stewart, award-winning author of the Biscuit McKee Mystery Series, has been encouraging writers for years through public appearances and workshops. For these essays, written over a three-year period for E-Quill, the online newsletter of the Atlanta Writers Club, Stewart draws on her expertise as a wariter and an editor to teach some of the fundamental how-to's of effective writing.

These tips for writers (or would-be writers) are not just helpful, they are a necessary tool in the writer's toolbox. Filled with practical exercises, and easy-to-follow examples, these tips are a must for writers of fiction and non-fiction alike.

Fran Stewart is one of those renaissance women who does many things quite well. She writes mysteries, short stories, non-fiction, and poetry; sings for the sheer joy of it;shares her house with rescued cats of all ages, sizes, and personalities; and is well-respected as a public speaker for groups of all sizes. She does not, however, cook very well; and she can't paint worth a darn. But, by golly, she can write!

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