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Meet Marmalade, a saucy orange-and-white tabby cat, and Biscuit, the librarian in Martinsville, Georgia. Marmalade finds a dead body on the library stairs, and the fun begins. No one in this small Georgia town admits to knowing why Harlan Schneider was in the library. Everybody knew him. Everybody liked him. Clues (like the small footprint in the blood) seem to point to someone local, but everyone has an alibi. .

They should have asked me - it would have saved them a lot of time and trouble.

. . . Then, when Biscuit’s accident-prone sister visits, pursued by a creepy former-boyfriend, Marmalade sees what’s happening, but her humans just won’t listen to her. So she decides to take matters into her own paws.

And it worked. Sort of . . .

Sample the first 2 chapters of Orange here in PDF Format

Readers Comments:

  • "This is a finely crafted tale that appears simple on the surface. Stewart manages to tie it all together without struggle. I loved the ending."
  • "Martinsville, Georgia is definitely on my map. It's a town I'd like to visit, with people in it that I'd like to meet."
  • "I don't like cats, but I love your human characters. I want to know more about them."
  • "I laughed and I cried. This is a darn good story."

Orange as Marmalade contains some clues to a mystery that surrounds the 1745 founding of the town. Each book in the Biscuit McKee Mystery Series will add a few more clues, and the 200-year-old puzzle will be finally solved in White as Ice, the eighth book of the series. The next Biscuit McKee Mystery, Yellow as Legal Pads, is available now.

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